I wont let your custom experience end with your session. As a client of Azzeria, you will enjoy a luxurious private user area on the website. In the user menu you can navigate between your galleries, notifications (for example editing status, delivery status), order history, writing a review or modifying your settings.

Most interesting of all, is of course your own galleries. In these galleries the viewing of your photos takes place, as well as ordering edits and print products. Below each gallery sample the features are summarised to help you imagine the possibilities. I invite you to view the sample galleries and experience them for yourself.

For more information and possibilities of the galleries, read my detailed gallery guide.

Preview gallery

Click on the image below to visit the sample preview gallery

Within 24 hours of your session this gallery will become available, and you can start viewing all your photos. Here you select the photos you want to order for editing.

Selecting and ordering has been made easy with the tools built into the gallery system. Start by selecting and tagging the eye catchers, to make a first selection. The tags will allow you to take full advantage of the gallery filtering system. These features will assist you in narrowing down, selecting and ordering your favorites – all in one place.

Show your previews to friends and family with the built in slideshow. Enhance the viewing experience by removing tools from your view with the thumbnail option.

Visit the preview sample gallery

Order gallery

Click on the image below to visit the sample order gallery

Once the editing process has been completed, your ordered favorites will be delivered here. In normal circumstances, you can expect this delivery within 14-21 business days. Only in this gallery, photos are enabled for downloading – You can from that moment enjoy our digital results, and share them with friends, family or online. Your memento’s are invaluable, and because of that all photos in this gallery will be stored and accessible indefinitely.

The end goal of most of my clients is to display the photos on the walls of their home. All of the high quality print products that I offer can be ordered directly via this order gallery. It gives you the freedom to order print products, at any moment. If you want assistance, don’t forget that included in your session is unlimited consultation for print products.

For more information regarding prints, I invite you to read my print guide or the in depth product guides.

Visit the order sample gallery