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There are a lot of photography services available and everyone deserves to find their right fit. Familiarize yourself

with Azzeria below, to see if your values and wishes align with my services.


The best sessions and results are created through a combination of guidance, helpful information, clear communication and good planning. Prior to your session, I want to guide you in generating ideas, finding solutions and help you make informed decisions. Through this, we create the direction for your session and assure that your wishes and goals become reality. 

To assist you in this process, my years of experience has been bundled into free resources. These range from in-depth guides that cover numerous subjects, to session checklists and collections of visual inspiration. All resources are available for you on this website – at your own convenience and at your own time.

During your session my guidance includes animal positioning, posing and many tips & tricks. I also bring my creative mindset with an artistic eye for unique spots and beautiful compositions. 

For the completion of the digital photos, my visual style is achieved through meticulous editing and advanced retouching. Editing allows for correction, alteration and enhancement of light, color and contrast. Advanced retouching covers removal, modification or replacement of various elements in a photo.

To create truly beautiful print products, each photo goes through an additional round of manual editing. Print preparation is done to achieve the best print results per individual image and product type. To assure the highest quality for the final print product, I only work together with professional photo labs.

Custom & Unique experience

The deepest core value of Azzeria is to assure your satisfaction – that your voice gets heard, that your requests and needs are met and that your wishes come to life. In short, for you to be valued like your own individual with a unique taste, situation and preferences. The cornerstone that makes creating a custom session for you possible, is the generosity in time devoted to you. This starts at our first contact and continues throughout your entire experience.

For customization of your session, I encourage you to think outside of the box and to dive into your creativity. This benefits us in creating photos that are a true representation of your pet. This can be as small as opting for your own special location, selecting fun and personal props or choosing a theme for your shoot. More explicit requests such as specific poses, editing or framing are also welcome.

Naturally, if you have no specific wishes and feel more comfortable handing over the decisions and planning to me, I am happy to do so.

Once the customizations have taken place and the session is behind us, the unique experiences are far from over. On this website, you will enjoy the luxurious user area that contains your private galleries. This system is exclusively created for Azzeria, to allow my client convenient access to all photos, a great viewing experience and flexibility in the ordering procedures.

For more in-depth information regarding the galleries, their function and order possibilities I invite you to read this guide

In the process of ordering your edits, you can choose half of the edits from your package. This split construction exists so that you yourself can choose photos that represent how you see, know and love your pet. Combining my creative nature and editing experience, I will opt for photos I envision will produce artistically pleasing results. This will allow you to get the best of both worlds – authentic and artistic mementos.


I am a down to earth spirit, and one of the fundamentals of my business is having a personal, friendly and dedicated approach. I always plan a session with sufficient time to connect with both the animal and owner. Hearing your stories and witnessing your quirks and personalities is key to creating portraits that will speak to you. Adequate time is also taken to discuss your wishes for the day and how I can transform our plans into beautiful print products for your home.

As we all know, working with animals can sometimes be challenging. They can have other plans than what we have set out to do, and sometimes they are sensitive to our energies. This is why it is important for me to have a relaxed atmosphere, to be kind, patient and generous with time. Your animal feeling at ease and being free to be their natural self is essential to achieve portraits that will reflect how you see, know and love them.

Aside from beautiful pictures, the goal for our session is for it to be a positive experience for both owner and pet.

Guidance & Advice

An essential aspect of this field is having the ability to provide my client with continuous guidance. Prior to your session, my guidance comes in the form of providing visual inspiration and guides to help us decide the location, poses, atmosphere and potential prop ideas. You will also have access to my post-session guides and checklists to cover any other topics.

I will guide you through every step of the way during our session. This can be in the form of animal positioning, posing, helping you navigate the leash handling, how to resource and divide the T T T triggers (treats, trigger words & toys) and many other tips & tricks. As the shoot progresses I will give you opportunities to view the photos. Your opinion is invaluable and I encourage your feedback, whether that is asking for modifications or expressing your satisfaction.

I will show you print samples of the products that I offer. This gives you a chance to in-person see the different product types and to feel the quality in your own hands. I will be happy to give you advice or answer any questions you may have regarding the products at that moment. You are always welcome to contact me afterwards for both editing requests and product assistance.


Holding an overall high industry standard for my business is very important to me, but what does this mean?

Technical – Working with professional equipment is a necessity. This ranges between camera and lenses, editing tablet, a good IPS monitor, to a reliable backup system for your files.

To be in full control of what I create, I always photograph in full manual mode. This demands an in-depth understanding of different circumstances and purposes, and what settings they each require for the desired result and goal.

Practical – Having good coverage of the technical aspect will not be enough to sustain consistent quality. A key element is to fully understand light – to be able to choose the ideal light conditions and to recognize how various situations will create different moods and effects.

Mastering this enables me to maximize the potential of each location. With my eye for detail and excitement for creating beautiful compositions, I will make good use of spots that otherwise might go unnoticed.

Editing – In modern photography, the unprocessed image coming straight out of the camera is merely a half-finished product. Practising correct post-processing procedures is crucial in maintaining the quality of the photo, and inevitably also protecting the quality of your print product.

Professional post-processing involves very meticulous editing and advanced retouching. For me this process is not rushed, as I only want to deliver a completed product that I have brought to its full potential.

Prints – The first step in assuring good print quality already took place in the initial editing process. Before the files are submitted for printing, each photo is manually optimized again. Typically this means locally lifting shadows, increasing light and modifying or correcting colours – depending on the need of the specific image or print product.

This type of print preparation is done to achieve the best print result, per individual image and product type. I exclusively use professional photo labs for the printing of my photos. Their quality assures that ink, papers and other materials lasts through the decades.

Overall experience – The content covered in the other topics here all represents specific forms of quality and traits. Observing them as a whole and overall experience, you can expect a lot of passion, dedication and a drive to satisfy your wishes. Many free resources have been made available to you to benefit you through our process. For a relaxed atmosphere, you will receive guidance in various forms throughout our entire process.

Additionally, a lot of time is reserved for you, the planning, our session and our results. My approach is personal and friendly, and I value creating a connection with both owner and pet for the best results. Lastly but not least, your experience will end with a luxurious gallery experience. This system gives an enjoyable viewing experience and offers freedom in the ordering procedures.

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